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Benton Bessemer Advantage

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty
  • No Charge Lifetime Powertrain Warranty on new and used vehicles!
  • All vehicles must have less than 100,000 miles at time of purchase.
  • Vehicle must be current model plus 10 years back to be eligible.
  • Take your car in anywhere for repairs without worrying about voiding the warranty!
  • Limited powertrain warranty for AS LONG AS YOU OWN THE CAR.
  • See dealer for details.
5 Points of Protection

    Part of the Benton Benefits!

  • VIN etched into window to prevent theft.
  • 5 year, up to $2500 deductible coverage if your vehicle is lost or stolen and unrecovered.
  • Free on-demand roadside assistance.
  • ID theft services for 1 year for you and family.
  • Deposit protection up to $2500 for 90 days for total vehicle loss
Benton Benefits

    Part of the Benton Benefits!

  • Exterior paint treatment to protect from UV rays and environmental elements.
  • Interior treatment to prevent stain absorption as well as an antimicrobial barrier.
  • Travel-size car care products to keep your car looking its best on the go.
  • Rain repellent windshield treatment for better visibility in wet conditions as well as 3 FREE re-applications to keep it fresh.
  • Headlight restoration to increase night-time visibility as well as treatment to reduce dulling and discoloration due to UV rays.
  • Nitrogen tire service + 3 FREE refills and $50 tire repair coverage to keep those tires full and functional for 3-4 times longer.
  • Stay cool by reducing heat.
  • Increase privacy.
  • Block harmful UV rays.
  • Added security for you and your valuables.
  • See clearly by reducing glare.
  • Lifetime warranty on window tint material!